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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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My long-term plan is to have a couple of my own children, and then adopt one or two, so I'm going to be stalking your journey big time.

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That's quite a challenge, distilling your life into 20 or so photographs. And I'm sure you'll pass the home inspection with flying colors. Will you need to write some things up about yourselves to go along with the pictures?

My DH hates being in pictures so we don't really have many of the two of us. I was talking to DH about adoption profile books a bit last week, actually, and said how we should start to plan ahead and take more pictures of the two of us when we go out or go on vacation so we will have them when we are ready. He seemed on board, which was nice.

I hope this process helps bring you back to yourself, too. Hugs.

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My sister is adopted. They adopted her when I was 12 and she was 18 days old. It was the best thing my parents ever did! A gift for everyone involved.

I'm excited to follow this journey with you!

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Here. So glad for this fresh start for you.

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Following!!! : )

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So today I got a ton done. Really trying to organize the house and managed to move ALL of L's toys and gave her play room a complete make over with storage bins, cute artwork and a dress up thingy. It has a cute mirror on the side and you hang up dress up clothes in etc. I'll take photos tomorrow.

Today we got more instructions. The next 6 weeks will be filled with homework and writing checks.

We moved our first meeting to May 13th. I'll fill you guys in on how it goes.

I just received an email on how to complete our profile so I plan on working on that over the next four days or so.

As for DH and I, my mom has been here all week and that has been very helpful. She's an amazing cook and has been spending time with L, cooking and organizing closets. I ain't complaining.

I have my little Max angel in my garden and every morning i do have my little ritual and say good morning to his memorial is in our bedroom. Until I understand the privacy of this journal, I may straddle my Max journal and this one. Just in case you see both of them going.

Thanks guys for all the support. I really really appreciate you all. xoxoxoxo

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I'm here! Following you wherever life takes you. There is one lucky baby out there waiting to become part of such a loving family. So happy to see you're going through with adoption. I hope it goes smoothly and quickly. You're so deserving

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Happy about your new journey. I'll be following along, too!

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Thinking of you as you piece together your profile

Love your morning ritual

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glad you got lots done

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