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Today was really hard.

I attended my niece's communion and yes, my cousin due the same day was there and was kind. And believe it or not, it was fine and not awkward.

BUT... the communion was a joint niece and her cousin on the other side of the family. My SIL (we will call her KU) and her SIL (KR) who was throwing it are both nurses. KU is truly my best friend. I got there early as I was helping with the slide show. KR is a nurse at the hospital where I had Max. KR already got into an argument with KU for not telling her when I was going in so she could "arrange my medical team".

DH and I really just wanted to do this ourselves. There were no malicious intents in "leaving people out of our business" or anything. It was quite literally the HARDEST day of my life. The medical staff was very kind and I was completely unconsolable. So much so I think they put me under sooner than they normally would because my anxiety was so high. Since losing Max, I haven't received a call, text, email, card or anything from KR and that's fine. I don't fault anyone for that. BUT...the first words out of her mouth when she saw me was, Hey, I was little surprised that you wouldn't tell me when you were going into the hospital? Not I'm sorry... etc. and her tone was very unsympathetic...she clearly had her panties in a bunch. I just began to cry...everything I didn't want to do today. She did say I'm sorry for making you cry...I just said KR, please don't take this personally, that day was really something we had to do ourselves.

We both just avoided each other the rest of the afternoon. She did tell me was "sorry for earlier" right before I left but it still stung all day.

Just niece on the other hand looked so beautiful. And my L was a complete terror.

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I'm so sorry, but quite frankly I don't see how it's anyone's business. No one deserves to know, that's rude. Aww your little girl sounds like fun.

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I'm so sorry. Some people can be so insensitive. Xoxo

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I guess being a nurse didn't make her empathetic, she should have been more concerned about your feelings and how you were doing than her hurt feelings. I'm sorry, some people have no clue. Xxx

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I'm so sorry that happened at the communion. I hope otherwise things went well!

What an amazing story about your grandfather!! How incredibly hard for your grandmother to go through that, but what an amazing thought that her little angels may have literally preserved your entire family!

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for a nurse to be so insensitive its actually disgusting. firstly it should not have even been brought up outside a hospital environment as outside the hospital it has nothing to do with her and secondly why make it all about her....its something you went through and your delt with it the way you thought was right at that moment. toss that old sod....
on a much lighter note, so much paperwork!!! how do you actually put your life into 50 odd pictures...hmmm....good luck with that.

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Shame on her for being so rude and selfish.

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I'm sorry that drama came up. I think you handled it well by telling her that that day was something you and your husband needed to work through and handle on your own.

Thank you for the heads up on needing those pictures. That is a LOT of pictures. I think DH and I have like 4 pictures of each other together. I read him what you wrote and he was like Time to get started, I guess.

Huge hugs. Hope this process goes smoothly for you.

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