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Hi All! I went through private, domestic, infant adoption last year and am trying to gear myself up for starting the process for a #2 later this year.

When we first started exploring the idea, we met with one of the local adoption agencies which was helpful. I admit it did stress me out looking at the paperwork so we put the breaks on for awhile - while we learned about more about adoption in general as well as open adoption specifically. I read a number of books and tried to read different blogs/personal accounts online. Anyway, I'm happy to answer any questions I can - and it would be nice to have a some people to talk to who get it when we go through this again

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Hey HatetheWait - I'm just now trying to get back on here after a much needed break. I'd love to hear some good book recommendations to help with the adoption planning process though. It just seems so overwhelming with all the various options. I also don't know how open I am to an open adoption. I know it varies greatly with the level of openness but I have this strange fear I will be judged by the birth mother so much and no matter how stupid that sounds I don't know how to get over that fear.

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Hey BronteForever, its normal to have fears and the birthmom will have her fears too. My husband and I have been on the waiting list for over a year now, and I have times where I think the reason we haven't been placed is that we don't have much to offer. But then I think yes we do we have a lot to offer. We all have fears. Adoption is scary but it is amazing at the same time.

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Long time since I've checked back on this post! Can't wait to read everything!!!! Thanks everyone!

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