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When did you know it was time to adopt?

DH and I have been off birth control for about 2 years, and actively TTC for 1 year. 5 rounds of clomid, all failed, we have now been referred to a specialist. However, I know that will likely lead to recommendations of IUI, and potentially IVF. I don't feel very good in my heart about either of those.

We have always talked about adopting. We assumed we would also have biological children, which we hopefully still might. But since we always wanted to adopt anyways, and we don't like the idea of further medical intervention in TTC, we thought we could also choose to adopt first.

That being said, how did you know it was time to start the adoption process? And any suggestions on agencies?

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We won't do our or if but can't adopt..if we could, we would. Internarional most likely.

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