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BabyandBump Needs You! Expanding The Team!

This thread is locked the open thread can be found HERE!!!


Hi girls,

We are currently looking to expand our moderating team and are inviting applications from those who are interested.

If you have been a member for over a year and think you can contribute to the BabyandBump team we would like to hear from you by popping me a private message with the following details;

  • A little bit about yourself (no more than a few sentances).
  • Why do you think you would make a good moderator.
  • Your current family status (WTT & parent, TTC, parent, TTC#1, WTT#1, parent).
  • Areas on forum you feel you would able to contribute to more.
  • Areas that you maybe would not feel comfortable moderating through circumstances or other.
  • What country and time zone you are in.
  • How much time on average do you spend on BabyandBump (either per day or week)
  • Do you have any experience with vBulletin moderation controls? (not essential)
BabyandBump is growing every day and we ask if interested that you can genuinely dedicate a portion of your time to the team and not just see it as a status symbol.

Only PMs send between now and Sunday 25th will be considered.

Please PM me only once and not ask for 'updates'.


I would also like to say before I go if you are not chosen to join the team please do not feel offeneded these choices are always hard.

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