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Team Update June 2014

Sadly announcing that Chris has stepped down from the BabyandBump team to spend more of her free time with her family.

Chris officially joined the BabyanndBump team 1st November 2009 (wow) and has since dedicated much of her free time keeping BabyandBump a friendly, trouble free and spam free forum.

Thank you so much for all the help and friendly face you have brought to the team over the years, your time has been very much appreciated, we will all miss you on the team

A brighter update is we have recently welcomed our 2 new moderators Embo78 and Eleanor ace. Welcome to the team ladies, very much looking forward to working with you both.

Go easy on them at first


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Congrats! Thought there had been a change.

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Congratulations Eleanor and Embo!

Sorry to see you leave Chris. Hope you'll still be around on the site

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Best of luck chris x

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All the best Chris

Welcome Embo and Eleanor

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Sorry to see you step down Chris!

Yay Embo and Eleanor!

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I believe I've seen both of you around the forums. Best of luck in your new positions!

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Best of luck to you Chris, as you focus on your adorable PJ!!

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Good luck Chris xxx

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