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Please read - Posting scan pictures

In an effort to keep BabyandBump running smoothly and problem free we inevitably have to tweek the rules every now and then. With the new year approaching we will be making a few announcements clarifying and updating some of our forum rules.

The following rule does not affect 99% of our members (as most already post their scan pictures this way), but it is worth the announcement so there is no confusion.

Effective immediately, all scan images must be posted whole, without being cropped or having the scan data removed.
For privacy reasons, if your scan picture features names, these may be removed from the second letter (leaving the initials). If you also would like to add a watermark to your image, this is also acceptable (but entirely optional).

This rule also applies to photos taken of scan prints on a low resolution camera.

Members are encouraged to report NEW scan picture posts (using the
button on the post) that do not conform to the new guidelines.

Why the new rule?
As most of you will know, occasionally we get legitimacy reports from concerned members. This new rule will aid in any investigation that may be undertaken by the BnB Team.

Thank you for your understanding

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Thread to be updated (just after new years eve) with an example and a few clarifying points on signatures and avatars.

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