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BnB Update - Please Read

Hi Girls,

Today is BnB's 5th Birthday
It's amazing to think that only five years ago we had about 8 regular members posting a few dozen posts. Now, 25,000+ active members post well over 20,000 times A DAY! Much to everyone’s surprise (especially me) BnB seems to have taken on a life of its own, it has now grown into the unstoppable monster you see today and it doesn't seem to be slowing down.

Over the last year you'll have seen we had a lot of server problems that almost took BnB offline several times. For a while now we've wondered how long we can keep going at this rate of growth without any external help, before imploding
As much as it started off as a bit of a hobby for us (involving one heck of a learning curve
), BnB has grown to be an amazing resource and lifeline to millions of visitors every month, so it is not as easy as ignoring it or just closing it down

Over the last few months, SC and I have tried to find a way that we could keep BnB going (tech-wise) while freeing up some time and responsibility (it's a 24/7 job) to concentrate on us and our family (after all, that's why we started the website). While looking into it (and believe me we looked at every avenue) we were introduced to a company called 'Atomic Online' who run many community and parenting websites. After a lot of talking (and stalling, wondering if we were doing the right thing) we have managed to negotiate an acquisition deal that will keep BnB online for many many years to come while keeping the running of the forum and BnB team exactly as it is now. I say exactly the same; the only difference is that StirCrazy has chosen to retire from his role running and maintaining the technical side of things. I will still be admin, Vickie will still be admin, and the whole BnB team is staying as it is.

Before I go too much further I want to let you know a bit more about Atomic Online. You may even have seen/used some of their other sites (they are a big media company). They have a fair few sites, eg.,, and (way too many to mention). The good thing about Atomic is they want to keep the BnB team and the running of the forum the same as it is now, plus (and this is the exciting part), they want to invest quite a bit doing all the stuff we wanted to do but never had the time or expertise (anyone that reads the Forum Help & Testing Area will know of all the things we had planned for BnB but never got around too), not to mention they have a dedicated tech team that will keep BnB running nice and smoothly.

We really hope you know how much BnB means to us (it's not a decision taken lightly), that's why we choose an option where the the BnB Team continues just as it is now (just with more help behind the scenes and the investment in BnB's growth).

While this won't really affect members or how the forum is run, we just wanted to keep you in the loop. It's business as usual
If there are any technical problems post them in Forum Help & Testing Area, only difference being, instead of SC dealing with them I'll make sure the tech team fix any issues

Here's to another 5 (...10, 20) years of BnB.

Happy Birthday!!

The BnB Team. x

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Happy birthday bnb! And well done guys, it's amazing to think of the growth that makes the forum what it is today

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Happy Birthday BnB

BabyandBump really is an amazing resource, a safe haven for so many people, and I'm looking forward to see it continue to grow and expand


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ooooo cake .....

Amazing too think how a tiny forum of just 8 people can grow into this in just 5 short years

Happy Birthday BNB!!!


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Happy Birthday BnB!
Cant beleive what the site has become now compared to Aug 2006.
Youve done a wonderful job Wobbs and SC

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Happy Birthday BnB, thank you for creating such a great space where such lovely people congregate XXXX

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Happy birthday BnB

Thanks Wobbs & SC for creating BnB, you've done an amazing job managing this forum all those years.

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Happy birthday Bnb thankyou to all the people who keep it running x

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Happy Birthday BnB, and thanks to all who make it such a great place!

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Happy birthday and thank you from the bottom of my heart. I found this site when I miscarried my baby at 10/11 weeks in May. I was in total shock and so isolated, scared and sad and this site and these ladies helped me so much.

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