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Crochetters! I need your help please :)

My mom found out I can crochet and wants me to make an infinity scarf. I found a "cowl" (looks like an infinity scarf to me lol) and the pattern calls for wool. First off, I can't afford 5 skeins of 100% wool. Second, my mom doesn't like wool. I am. I understand wool is softer and retains heat while still being breathable. I am working on an acrylic blanket and its HOT on top of being only somewhat soft. She is asking me for something breathable that she can wear during fall and winter. The stores closest to me carry wool blends but, in all honesty, I have never worked with animal fiber. Are they itchy too? I think she'd prefer something she can pop in the washer. My second go-to was a cotton blend.
Anyway I'm madly in love with the color too so if I can find it, I think she will appreciate it.

Here is the pattern

All help is appreciated. Thanks

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