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Maternity Clothing Ideas.

Hello There,

I apologise if this has been posted in the incorrect place, but it seemed the most suitable area for my question.

I am not pregnant, or indeed even Female!, but I do have an interesting query that I can only get from an experienced individual.

I am currently studying at University, and involved in a Graphic Design Module. The aim of this module was to create a print product of our choice, and I really wanted to do something I have never seen before. So my decision was to liven up some maternity clothing! As far as I know there is not much in terms of humorous or fun clothing out there at the moment for pregnant women. Now I understand that being pregnant is a very serious and beautiful thing, so I am treading a very thin line in terms of being offensive by making that type of clothing for a pregnant woman.

This is where I would like some help, in your opinion what would be useful to you via a maternity shirt message or image?, would you find cartoony humour offensive? or would you find it different and refreshing from all the drab and dreary clothing out at the moment?
Maybe some very valuable advice for pregnancy on the shirt that you found whilst going through pregnancy that you can pass on to others?
Please understand I am not trying to label you as my target audience, as I donít know any pregnant people at present.
But there is only one way to get hard solid facts, and thatís from the experienced people themselves.
Maybe you can help me from making a mistake and creating something that women would find offensive, as that is the least of my intentions.
What would YOU like to see on a shirt?
Any positive or negative feedback is more than welcome and appreciated, and if a good design comes up, I will gladly send you out the finished product for free

Thank you very much.

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