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Thanks hun.

I had my 5 day oldembryos transfered on Monday of this week, and my trigger shot is 10 days old today, I tested with an HPT today and it was positive so now i am trying to figure out if it is the trigger shot still or an actual BFP??

i started a testing thread in the HTP gallery if you would like to take a peek.

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Had my frozen embryo transfer today

Hey all I had my frozen embryo transfer today a 5 day embryo grown to advanced blastocyst stage so excited hope it works. I have 6 Internet cheapies when should I start testing. My bt is in 10 days

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I had my third round of a 5-day blast transfer 7 days ago and tested obsessively. I got a very faint line (make sure you wait the allotted time I had been throwing the tests away after if didn't show up right away), at 4.5 days. I didn't notice any symptoms the first 4 days except some pains that I would not describe as cramps on either side of my lower abd (where I would imagine the ovaries would be)---and I am a gestational carrier so I didn't have to harvest eggs. After the positive I noticed some dizziness with positional changes, and a very minor change in breast soreness.

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Hi! We passed ivf with de. Having long previous history of attempts with oe. As usual I was told to wait for 2 weeks, but I couldn't. I believed de would create miracle. So did my test day 8 after ET. Got BFP, and two following days as well Good luck!

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