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Sorry, wrong place to post!

Hello!! This is my first cycle on Clomid days 5-9, I went in for my US today (day 13) and they saw a 26 mm follicle on one side and a 17 mm on the other side, also lining was very thin, I think 4 mm. Do you think the big folliebis more likely a cyst? Or could it still be viable? And can the lining get thicker in a few days? I got negative OPKs so far, so not ovulating yet. I'm not gettong the trigger ahot this month.
Thank you all!!

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Mum (Mom)
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Hi there

Think the big fat follie is probably fine.

I'm going to be totally frank now so forgive me. I also had problems with my lining ( it got up to about 5mm max). Clomid is well known for thinning out the lining. I did one cycle with that for my first iui and then moved to gonal f. This was better for the lining and getting more follies stimulated more estrogen which helped make it a bit thicker. I also had added to my protocol estrogen patches (2x per week approx 2 days after iui/embryo transfer and progesterone suppositories every day plus 75mg aspirin daily).Helped to get it thicker.

It's important that they investigate why the lining is thin and I had that done via a hysteroscopy to check for scarring/polyps etc.

Good luck and hope things work out for you!!

J x

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