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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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IVF/FET in Aug'13' - Aug'14' buddies wanted!!*13 BFP's!!**Updates on first page**

A little bit about me, Im 33, and have PCOS, Hypothyroidism and have had the added fun of being 'blessed' with secondary infertility after struggling for 4.5years to concieve my son. Its now been 20 months about since we started actively trying for #2. I went to the doctor in March 2012 who referred me back to the clinic where i concieved my son. Im now on my 12th round of clomid and fed up!! I have been accepted onto the egg share ivf programme but am now waiting for a match.

It'd be great if anyone is going through ivf or icsi during the next few months that wants to chat and compare notes

Our IVF journeys

Ababy4us - Onto next cycle xx

Adroplet - Onto next cycle xx

Allika - CD5 23rd August - U/S
On Bravelle and menopur
ER 31st August
ET 5th September
hoping its a sticky bean!

Angela.S - Start Buserelin 25th January
Blood work 12th February
Baseline scan 13th February

Becki09 - ICSI Short protocol start date 8th September
Baseline scan 18th September
Start Stimms 18th September
Trigger 30th September
ER 2nd October
ET 7th October

Bettybee1 - Stick little bean!

Bizzibii - xx

Breezie613 - ER 15th October
ET 20th October
Hoping for a sticky bean!

Bundlesofjoy - 10 snowbabies
Waiting for 2 cycles then onto FET
We're all waiting with u xx

Bunyhuny - xx
FET Jan 2014
ET 31st January

Chickadeedee - Pick up meds 16th September
Start BCP 29th August - 18th September
Start Stimms 21st September
Blood work and U/S 25th September
Trigger 1st October
ER 3rd October
ET 8th October
Hoping for a sticky bean!

ChloeNicolle - Onto the next cycle xx

cntrygrl - IUI
Start Menopur, Bravelle + Lupron 10th January

Disneyfan88 - Base line scan 14th August,
Stimms 18th August - 26th August 150iu Gonal F + 150iu Menopur
23rd August - 27th August Ganirelix
Trigger 27th August
ER 29th August
4 normal embies!! 3 and 1
ET 10th October
Hoping for a sticky bean!

Dovkav123 - Onto next cycle xx

Eveclo - Start Gonal F 150iu 26th November
US 2nd December
EC 10th December
ET 13th December
OTD 27th December

Flagirlie - Start Lupron 19th October
Baseline scan 5th November
Start Gonal f/Menopur 2nd November
ER 12th November
ET 15th November
Otd 27th November
Hoping for a sticky bean

Goldfish - onto next cycle xx

Hanawanabump - onto next cycle

Hennapop - 2 FET scheduled for Jan 2014

Hope formal - Start 23rd July Buserelin and Gonal F
5day scan 12th August
9day scan 16th August

Hopefulcat - Hoping third times the charm xx

Izabela - onto next cycle xx

JessicaG121 - Dec FET
ET 19th December
OTD 20th December

Katilbkr - Onto FET Jan 7th 2014 xx

Kzee - Baseline scan 22nd October

Luciola - 4 FET in Feb 2014
ET 11th or 12th February


Lucie73821 - xx

Lucinda7981 - FET
ET 5th February

Luvoboe - Start Stimms 24th August

4Magpies - Start DR 6th August
Stimms 20th August
1st Stimms U/S 26th August
ER/ET week commencing 2nd September
ET 9th September
4 embies
hoping for a sticky bean!!

MeganScott - Onto next cycle xx
App with Dr Palter 4th February
App with Dr T of SIRM 18th February

MishC - Meds arrive 10th September
Start Buserelin 22nd September
Base line scan 6th October
Hopefully then start Menorial aswell
Scan on day 9 of stimms and Gonari injection
EC 14th October

Mission_mommy - ET 27th August
Hoping for a sticky bean!

Mrs T - onto the next cycle xx

Mwb2040 - hoping for a sticky bean!

Nearly2014 - Now onto the next cycle xx

Nlk - Start BCP 11th September
Baseline Scan 9th October
Start Stimms 16th October

Panda fan - ET 11th September


Pleasant - Baseline scan 16th October
u/s 18th October

Plex - 23rd October donate all eggs
Start Northisterone 27th December
Baseline scan 8th January
Start Menopur 225iu 9th January
Upped dose of menopur to 300iu on 13th January

PostalMon - Start BCP 12th December
Injection Class 29th December
Start Lupron 1st January
Baseline scan 16th January
Start Gonal F 16th January

Prayerful - Baseline U/S 27th August
Start Lupron 20iu 27th August
Start Stimms 7th September
Trigger 16th September
ER 18th September
ET 21st September
Hoping for a sticky bean!!

Prayin4babies - FET Jan 2014

Rr2 - Start Lucrin 22nd August

Rurin - ICSI to start in January!

Sammy1987 - Start 24th July,
Start Stimms 15th August - 150iu Menopur
U/s 23rd August
U/S 26th August
Possible trigger shot 26th August
ER 28th August?
Hoping for a sticky bean

Samsfan - Onto next cycle xx

Sekky - Start BCP 1st August,
Start DR 14th August,
Base line scan 5th September
Start Stimms 6th September,
Trigger 17th September
ER 19th September
ET 24th September
PUPO. OTD-9th October

Serenyx - 2 we're waiting with u for next cycle xx

SmallTownGirl - Ivf education day 27th December
Start BCP 24th December - 6thJanuary
Baseline scan 6th January
Start follistim 9th January
Trigger 18th January
EC 20th January

Sunraybaby - DR start 25th August
Start Stimms 10th September
ER 20th September
ET 22nd September
PUPO. OTD-6th October

Sunshine1217 - 20th October Start stimms
ER 1st November
ET 6th November
Praying for a sticky bean!!

Sunshine8 - onto the next cycle
FET in Nov xx

TeeinAZ - Start Stimms 17th August - Repronex, Gonal F and Ganirelix
ER 29th August 18 eggies! 9 embies!
ET 3rd September
Hope its a sticky bean

Tcreasey88 - 1st Appointment 25th September

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Pregnant (Expecting)
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Hi. I start next week so not quite aug but I also have hypothyroidism
My oh has severe oligoozoospermia so it's straight to icsi for us xxx

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Hi there! I am doing my first IVF in September. My history is in my siggy, I'm still pretty clueless as to what I can really expect for my IVF but I'll be happy to share as I get info!!

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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Hi ladies! I haven't done clomid or IUI etc; because of my blocked tube(s) I was advised to do IVF (unfortunately unsuccessful). Hoping to try IVF again in September or October depending on whether I can get my tests and appts done in time or not!

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Mum (Mom)
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We have been trying for 2+years. My husband was diagnosed with azoospermia (zero sperm in the ejaculate). Thankfully we found there was a blockage causing it. So we have frozen sperm/tissue from the mTESE and he now has 1.2 million sperm in his last SA (although ZERO motility).
We are finally ready to start IVF with ICSI in August for a September transfer!!!
The only thing holding us back from getting the exact calendar is the fact that for some reason I haven't had a period since May all kinds of bloodwork was done and the prescribed Provera for 7 days.. Normally you start your period 2 days after the last pill.. But nope, nothing! they made me wait a full two weeks before doing anything else because it can take up,to two weeks, and so tomorrow I get to call and find out what the heck is going on!!!
So great to have a group going through IVF at the same time -- I am a complete novice!

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Pregnant (Expecting)
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Hi chickadee my oh has only a few twitching sperm and a serious low count. How did they diagnose a blockage?
Love having ppl that are cycling around the same time I start on Wednesday but will be DR for a longer time so u guys may catch up xxx

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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Sammy - have you had any kind of treatment plan yet? x

Ababy - Im the same and in the dark about the actual way things will go, its exciting but nerve wracking! x

Goldfish - Fxd u get ur tests done asap x

Chickadee - weird about ur af hun - hope u get some answers 2moro x

afm Ive taken my final clomid tablets for this month and have a holiday booked over my fertile time so im hoping that may do the trick!

Thanks for all the replies, really looking forward to sharing this journey xxx

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Hiya hope u enjoy ur time away
Yes I start down regging on Wednesday. Feeling unreal still at the moment.
Hoping ur clomid works for u xxx

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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Hi everyone
me- no none issue, dh had low sperm count
just started buserelin injections least week with hope to have egg collection next month

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Mum (Mom)
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Sammy - we went to DH's normal urologist and he felt around the one teste that's left after he had cancer and he said it "felt" full - like men's after they have a vasectomy. So he then referred us to one of the top urologists in the East.. DH went in so the urologist could remove some tissue and hopefully sperm and while he was in there he found the actual blockage and fixed it!!!
It has been quite a roller coaster of a journey over the past few years & I am so ready for it to be OVER
I called the FS and they want me to come in tomorrow for another panel of bloodwork so hopefully tomorrow afternoon I'll have a new protocol!!
Ababy - I have my calendar( no actual dates yet!) and list of meds but no clue what to expect! I have to call a nurse soon and have a telephone orientation and then go online and watch a video to show how the injections work I've been putting it off

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