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How is everyone?

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Not too terribly myself, BFN from this cycle. So I'm trying my best to push for other tests or perhaps different medications! 2 embryos left, so i want to do what i can for those two and give them the best hope i can!!

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Dark River: How are you & your gorg girlies?

KN: I'm so sorry Hun huge hugs
I hope your clinic will get you more answers and hopefully find out sort what's
causing the mc & Impf for you. Will keep you in my prayers xx

Everybody else: I hope your all well xx

AUFM: I'm not so patiently waiting for April to arrive to start IVF
We are giving it a shot to see if we can get any eggs etc and praying really hard that it's a success I figured if we didn't I would always think what if!!
I'm also starting a new job then too
One with better hours and only a 20minute commute however also a very big pay drop but we can't have it all eh? xx

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