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Endometriosis/IVF…do you wish you'd moved faster?

So we are in the incredibly annoying category of unexplained. I'm in the IUI world right now. But my RE seems fairly sure i'm going to end up with IVF and basically it's up to me to pull the trigger. We will probably do 2 more IUIs then move on. I think. She's about 90% sure I have endo, but I've never had a lap. I have a strong family history. My sister had huge endometriomas and lost an ovary at age 27. I have painful periods and painful ovulation. And multiple female relatives that could never conceive.

So I'm starting to wonder….should we just move on already and do IVF sooner? If I KNEW I had bad endo in there it would make the decision easier I guess. We are out of pocket, but we have the money saved. I'm starting to wonder what I'm waiting for, but I guess like so many others I think maybe I'll be in the minority that only needs the IUI…

Anyone been in this spot?
I'm 33 (almost 34), ttc#1, never seen a BFP. DH is completely fine. My AMH is 1.5, which my doctor said is "ok but not stellar", but my AFC was 17. I just don't want to waste anymore time than is reasonable.

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I'm in a somewhat similar position.

What kind of testing will your doctor do? I'm waiting to talk to mine to find out if a lap is required before I continue with IVF. I would honestly skip IUIs if you've already done more than three.

I have been told by a few doctors that I have Endo but my current doctors don't want to do surgery because of the scar tissue risk so I don't know to what extent it is. All signs are there including daily pain that gets worse with my period so we're calling it as we see it for the time being.

I did an IUI to have my son and Endo was the reason I didn't wait for him. I was lucky enough to get pregnant then but when I wanted to try for a second last year, my pain got worse. I tried the NuvaRing to help the pain since I hadn't tried that one and since then my cycles have shortened and I'm not sure I'm ovulating as regularly. On top of that, I found out on Monday that my tubes are blocked. Chances are it really is Endo that did it and I've waited too long between children. My son is only 3. I find out soon on IVF. I just wouldn't waste much more time with IUIs. Your numbers look good though.

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I can tell you that I worked with many patients at a clinic and most wish they just jumped right to IVF. We didn't bother with IUIs, we went to IVF. Mind you it was 10 years later so our chances were even worse for IUI. And I didn't work with the ones that IUI worked for. But still, people paid a lot for nothing. I say go with your gut.

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If you can afford IVF, there is no question that it's best to go right ahead. Honestly, cost is the only thing that I see as potentially changing people's minds.

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