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Glad to hear that melissaelaine!!

AFM: I had my first appointment with my doctor yesterday and she did an ultrasound and we saw the heartbeat. It was amazing. I know it doesn't guarantee anything obviously because I read so much about ladies that mc even after that point and that terrifies me. I'm praying everything continues to go smoothly for us. I'm measuring a day or 2 ahead which is great.

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Hello everyone,

I have a quick question , hope somebody could help or give some advice.

My wife is currently on menupur 200 and Gonal 150. She was on testoterone for 15 days prior to the stimulation. The doctor said the testosterone would work similar to DHEA but faster. As DHEA requires 3 months or so....

We did an eco after 5 days on the Menupur/Gonal and we could see only 1 follicle in one side and three in the other, but they were smaller than 10mm.

I was reading about DHEA and how it helps. Can we start taking it while on Menupur/Gonal?

Thanks and lots of luck to all

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