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Originally Posted by Erin6714 View Post
Oh Lemontree thank you for the extra insight!

Yes they will have to do a sperm retrieval procedure on DH. We actually have that scheduled for 7/11/17. In fact he will only have to do his part once. Ha! I felt bad about him having to get poked in the ball until I started reading everything I'm going to have to do! But, I'm really hoping that we can be doing all of my testing and prep work in the mean time. Does that seem likely?

And like I said, I've never shown any signs of having irregularities in my cycle. I even have pretty clear ovulation symptoms. So, I don't know what of the testing is standard procedure for all women or if there might be some that are only done if you've ever had problems.

So, it sounds like I will be doing quite a bit of going back and forth during these tests and monitoring. I live about an hour away from the clinic we are using (there's not much to choose from where I'm at though). Should I just plan on taking a full week off during the expected time of my egg retrieval? It almost seems, like I might need to be prepared to do this procedure at the last minute. Is that how it was for you? Or were you able to give your employer notice on these things?

MMW- So glad to hear that, it gives me hope! Obviously I'm really hoping it goes the same way for us. Did you all do the eSET technique that I've been reading about?

Originally Posted by lemon_tree View Post
Hi Erin!

During your consult, you will discuss your plans and go over your medical histories that you filled out with your doctor. She'll recommend specific blood tests, etc., based on your discussion, genetic background, etc., and then when your tests are done will depend on where you are in your cycle. Most initial bloodwork is done on cycle day 3. HSGs to see if your tubes are open need to be done by cycle day 12. I haven't had a sono so I can't speak to that, but the testing goes pretty quickly. I'm not sure how this will differ for you with your DH's condition, but after all tests are done you'll go back in for another appointment and then make plans for your first cycle depending on the test results.

The injections seem scary but they will become second nature after a day or two. I promise. You can watch Freedom Pharmacy injection training videos to get a better idea, and your clinic will have a nurse on hand to answer specific questions as well.

You'll have monitoring every few days to check on egg follicle size and then when the lead follicle size is right, you'll take a trigger shot and have your egg retrieval (under anesthesia) 36 hours later. Transfer and additional meds will depend on your embryos and if you're doing a fresh or frozen transfer.

Wish I could give you more insight into what your DH's experience may be like. Will they have to do a sperm retrieval procedure on him?

I wish you luck! Please keep us posted!
I'm not sure if it was eSET or not. Honestly, it could've been. We didn't really discuss it that much. They told me that they felt we should only transfer one (we had all 5-day blasts) because of the risk of multiples. I really didn't want to have multiples. Had it happened, we would've welcomed it of course, but it just seems so overwhelming. I only took off the day of egg retrieval and the day after. I think an entire week would probably be too much, but everyone is different. My transfer was on a Sunday, do I didn't need to miss any work for that.

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Hello Hiker! Thinking of you

Just wanted to pop in and see how you are! Are you getting ready to start a cycle or are you still on hold due to the laparoscopy?

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