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I definitely think the coq10 helped us too. We were on it for a few months before IVF. And I changed to a mostly vegan diet after some research on inflammation etc and eggs doing better not in an inflammed body. I was a vegetarian before so wasn't a huge leap. Yes I read all the studies on protein and IVF - but made sure I tracked mine and had heaps of nuts, legumes, beans etc. I also kept went low sugar, no gluten/wheat and was off alcohol and coffee.. Sounds pretty boring but it helped us.
Made sure I had heaps of beetroots, pomegranates etc for health. Also exercised and went back to Bikram yoga before my cycles because I thought it would help with circulation.

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Hi! We used oe three times while ivf. Unfortunately all the attempts brought no success. (Me- PCOS & severe endo; dh - absolutely ok). Then we switched the clinic for de ivf. Bought all-inclusive package with 100% refund in case of failure and were finally lucky. If only it was just a choice between oe and de. Unfortunately this is the matter of money. The more you can afford - then more tries you have. Hugs and good luck!

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Regin7 - congrats
I think you should discuss with yr doc what option (IVF PGS NGS or IVF DE) will be more successful for you. If you want to save on treatment, you might consider going to Poland or Czech Rep, where IVF is much more affordable, and many ladies from the UK and Ireland travel to Prague, Zlin or Gdansk to undergo treatment. x

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