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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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TTC, PCOS, heavy girl, starting soy isoflavones....any success out there?

This is my first time on this forum. I need some encouragement from other women who have had similar situations. Basically I found out at my first GYN appt ever (age 24...yes I know) that I have PCOS. My husband and I have been trying for over a year, but according to my fertility center, I'm completely fine (had all the tests and scans) except I don't ovulate. I'm going to be honest, I am obese and my BMI is too high for them to give me clomid. I'm trying to lose weight, but I've always tried and PCOS makes it extremely difficult. I've had only 3 periods this YEAR (one lasted almost 4 weeks). I have gone a full year without a period before.

So with losing weight, I've started taking soy isoflavones, regardless of a period because I rarely get them. I can try going back on metformin but I hated the side effects. Anybody have a success? And how do I go about taking the soy?

The gist: PCOS, BMI high, rare period, just started soy isoflavones (80mg)

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Welcome! No advice, but wanted to bump your post. I hope someone comes along that can offer you some reassurance

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I just found this post and woud love to know how your journey has gone. I am aboit to start soy, have pcos and i am obese. I have done letrozole and was successful getting pregnant but that ended in a mc. During a deep and long depression i gained 60 lbs. So here I am.

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Hey girl have you looked into NAC and Myoinosoitol? They are OTC supplements that some studies suggest are as effective as Metformin without the side effects. Might be worth talking to your Dr.

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Yes I have PCOS and I was told to take Inofolic to help and my AMH went up and my weight went down by 3 stone, I did have to diet and exercise but it came off lovely.

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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Hi there! Just thought I'd say hi, I'm also considered obese and have PCOS, just started TTC #1.

There are groups on other boards for plus sized TTC women, and there are websites dedicated to plus sized pregnancy....these are resources I found on google that helped answer questions and provide support. Getting pregnant and being pregnant while overweight can be harder but it can be just as rewarding. Reading pregnancy/birth stories of plus sized women and seeing all those amazing belly pics really helped me come to term with trying to conceive now and helped give me hope that it is possible to be successful.

I am on Metformin, had to do just 500mg/day for a few weeks before bumping it up to 500mg twice a day....or else those side effects came lol. It is worth trying again, Metformin helps regulates our out of whack hormones. Clomid is important for blocking our extra estrogen to get the ovary to produce a follicle and hopefully, a healthy egg (from being overweight, fat cells produce estrogen). I haven't tried the soy isoflavones, but I think it's a great idea for you if you can't be on clomid.

I just finished my first month TTC and Clomid 50mg didn't make me ovulate and now I'm waiting and waiting for my next period. Going to up it to 100mg and try again. I thought I ovulated and thought I was pregnant when AF didn't show-was a cruel trick!

Stick around, I've found it very helpful to chat with other women and read other stories and I am always looking for new friends to compare notes with on this journey

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