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What did you wish you knew before starting on your journey? Any tips?

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Hi! Not we (me with endo and PCOS - passed ivf with de) but a couple we know well. She kept on talking about 1. legislation base as for surrogacy 2. financial side 3. country. After considering the facts they stopped at Ukrainian clinics. In most medical centers, you can be approved for surrogacy program only if they are absolutely confident that the very first attempt will be successful. Their clinic was ready to bear financial risks of all following attempts of conceiving and carrying pregnancy.*These were all medical expenses including fees for surrogate mother and egg donor. All unforeseen and urgent expenses - preterm birth, caesarian section and rehabilitation. As far as I know, according to the Ukrainian legislation, intended parents are legal parents of the baby born by surrogate mother. Their names are written in the baby’s birth certificate. And which is the most important - surrogate mother has no right to keep the baby after delivery. Sources are full of stories concerning this point. You should be careful with all the info. Best of luck, hope this helps a bit

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It's easier to work with a surrogacy agency than to go independent, but I've done both. Independent was pretty good, but took a longer time to make my matches and get all the paperwork sorted.

If you do go independent, you're best off knowing a good lawyer to deal with all the paperwork BEFORE you start to make a match. The IPs feel better knowing that you've done the homework on this and you're not scrambling to find just any old lawyer. I recommend looking for family law practices since they will at least know of someone who deals with surrogacy.

I've had really positive experiences for the most part.


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