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PCOS- I'm extremely confused!! Help please?!

Sooo, I went yesterday to a fertility clinic for the first time. I explained my issues and that I wanted to conceive via donor sperm. So, without any testing she said "You have PCOS".... let me explain...
So I am 21 and heavy (I have been heavy my entire life my height weight was 415lbs, horrible I know!!) I am 280lbs currently. I also have irregular cycles, but even though I still have a lot to lose. since I lost weight my cycles have been every 27 days like clockwork! I have slight-moderate pain during AF, excess hair growth, and little to no pain during ovulation. So after going over my "symptoms" the doctor goes "You have PCOS". Sooo onto the ultrasound...
she said my Uterus and cervix look normal and great. Then she looked at my ovaries..... this was CD 7 btw.....I have 16 Antral Follicles on my right ovary and 19 Antral Follicles on my Right Ovary.
Call me crazy but from what I'm reading those amount of Follicles are normal for someone my age! And actually is a good number!! My research shows some doctors saying 25 or more follicles on each ovary is cause for concern for PCOS. Others saying 30 or more Follicles on each ovary is cause for concern for PCOS. Because keep in mind that was CD 7... not all of those Follicles will mature... and not all Follicles hold eggs! I have blood work on CD 21 to see if I'm ovulating... but from the ultrasound it doesn't sound like my ovaries are poly-cystic!

What do you ladies think?! Thanks in advanced!!

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A woman will be diagnosed to have PCOS if she fulfills two of the following three criteria:

1. Infrequent or absent ovulation (egg production), usually associated with irregular menstrual cycles. Typically, the majority of women with PCOS have a period every 2-3 months. About 20% have no period at all and 15% have apparently regular cycles.
2. Signs of excess male hormone such as increased facial hair and/or acne. Some women will only have an increased level of androgens in their blood without any external features.
3. The presence of an increased number of the small ovarian cysts on ultrasound scan (>12 per ovary) or an increased ovarian volume (> 10 CC).

Diagnosing PCOS with Ultrasound

In a polycystic ovary, the numerous small cystic structures, also called antral follicles, give the ovaries a characteristic "polycystic" (many cysts) appearance on ultrasound.

The older literature on ultrasound evaluation and diagnosis of "polycystic ovaries"required that:

At least one ovary is greater than 10 cm³ in volume
- or -

At least one ovary has 12 or more antral follicles seen by ultrasound
However, in my opinion this is outdated. Ultrasound equipment has improved and we currently see more antral follicles than we did in the past.


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