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11dpiui and 13 days past trigger-BFP?

I have staaaaalked these threads for so long now! This is my first post!

I hope I'm doing everything right lol.

So my husband and i have been TTC #2 now for almost 2 years now and have done 3 months of femara and the trigger shot with no luck and just had our first round of femara, trigger shot, and then the IUI.

I'm currently 11 dpiui and 13 days past trigger and have been testing on the cheap wal mart tests to test out my trigger and they have been consistently the same for the last 5 days so I took a FRER 2 days ago and yesterday, which were both SO faint I'm not even sure if you can see that in the photo. Then this morning, I took a FRER and it was definitely darker than yesterday's and within the time frame. I got excited for a second thinking this could really be from a pregnancy, but I'm also equally terrified.

Does anyone have any advice? I'll try and attach my test is yesterday and bottom one is this morning.

Apparently the photos aren't roared correctly so I should say that the tests on the left side are from yesterday and the right hand side is from this morning.

Thank you all!!

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The picture is a little confusing I am not sure which one is which, BUT I definitely see a start of a faint line in the right side photo right stick.

I did the same thing you did, except with Clomid. So I did Clomid, Trigger Shot, IUI. I started testing my trigger at 9dpt/7dpo and had no line then the progression keeps getting darker starting at 15dpt/13dpo. I included my test below. Hope this help and good luck!

I would keep calm and keep testing, I am such a POAS addict and had to test every day morning and night and just watched the progression.


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The general rule of thumb is it takes one day for each 1000u of hcg to leave your system. A 10,000u should take approximately 10 days to clear. If you're 13 days out from trigger, odds are that's not it anymore. Especially as it clearly looks like your lines are darkening.

I'd say it's safe to allow yourself be cautiously optimistic

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