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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Fsh and provera

Hi there,
I might be better posting this in LTTTC but you guys seem to know your onions.
I've had my day 3 fsh tested.( GP did it) Came back shocking. I had been given progesterone to start my period ( they're all over the place) i was still taking it on day 3.
I've just been perusing NICE guidelines and it says fsh shouldn't be taken if any hrt or hormones are being taken. I know estrogen lowers it, but nice guidelines say hrt full stop.
I'm now wondering if this is accurate? My GP is pretty useless in all female and fertility issues and I don't want to pay another 200 quid to see the RE just to ask this.
What do you think? Accurate or not?
Thanks xx

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When you say shocking, what was your FSH level?

The reason I ask is that your levels are only as good as your highest number. Even if you get several lower level readings doesn't mean your FSH has improved. Your response and chances for conception and carrying to term remain the same as what your highest reading would indicate.

If your FSH is high and your cycle is all over the place could very well mean you are nearing the end of your fertility abilities (ie. diminished ovarian reserve or even early menopause - which doesn't necessarily correlate with age).

I can't emphasize enough that you NEED to see an RE at this point. Not just to answer your questions but to explain to you properly and thoroughly what your results are indicating. Don't waste another dime on a doctor who doesn't know what they're doing, not to scare you but it's time you may not have.

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