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Hysteroscopy for fiboid before IVF?

Hey all,

Has anyone gone through a hysteroscopy/D&C for fibroids before an IVF cycle? I had an HSG on Friday and it confirmed that I have a fibroid pushing into my uterine cavity. Doctor was "25% confident" in IVF success without the surgery. He'd like to look for any polyps he might have missed with the HSG/ultrasound and also to check for scar tissue from my previous fibroid surgery almost four years ago.

I've read mixed reviews online about whether it's worth the possibility of more scar tissue with people saying that the D&C clears out the uterine lining and allows a fresh new lining to form and that gives you a better chance at embryo implantation (not unlike the "uterine scratching" you hear about). My lining one week after my period was really thick - like a 15 - which apparently is usually too much for implantation (8 is considered good).

Anyone been through this and then had a successful IVF and full-term baby?

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