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IVF Cycle Start Late March, Transfer April 2017

So if everything goes well, I will be starting my cycle next month. I am so nervous! I had my tubes removed 10 years ago (age 21) due to ectopic pregnancies. Other than a couple adhesions from a previous surgery, they looked good. Bad luck I guess
So I've been waiting FOREVER for a chance at this. A decade! I can't believe how old that makes me feel.
Our initial consult is THURSDAY! I'm so excited, we will get our med list, and I'll have some bloodwork done locally, then next month it's off to New York (I keep getting that Alecia Keys song stuck in my head now )

Anyone else looking at this time frame? Hey, also, experienced IVF'ers, I'm open to tips. As of right now, the only problem is missing tubes. I am getting AMH taken next week, hopefully that's still good. Of course, we all hope for the best right? Man, I'd just die if I found out I took too long to save the funds and get life in order for this. I've had very regular cycles for 10 years, no bcp. OPK's always do exactly what's expected. Other than that, I've never done any testing. I'm cramming it all in this month,
skipping a few required tests (HSG is pointless with missing tubes. especially when insurance says nope)

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Ooh i hope it works for you straight up ☺ i lost a tube to ectopic too but got pregnant through ivf in the next dont think it really affects much when ur doing ivf anyway. No tips from me....just try to make sure you take time for yourself. Your mental health is important too!

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