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Mixing the Meds - Freaking Out!!

I'm doing DS IVF after a 3 year break, at a new clinic. I SPECIFICALLY asked my consultant for the fisher price version of the injections to make life as easy as possible - so the pen versions where possible. He obliged with the stim meds and I have a lovely Gonal F pen. But instead of Buserelin, I have Cetrotide, and instead of the Ovitrell pen for the trigger shot, I have Pregynl - both need a bleeding manual to work out what the hell to do with them! I have to mix them up, and I can just imagine fretting over air bubbles and particles and my general clumsiness.

Has anyone used these drugs and how simple are they to administer?

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I have no experience with the cetrocide but the pregnyl mixing and injection is fairly simple. You just take your needle syringe suck up one ML of the sterile water then inject that into the pregnyl vial slowly to avoid it foaming up then you gently roll the vial back and forth till the powder is all dissolved don't shake the vial. then you suck up the contents , there are youtube videos showing how to mix as well. to get air bubbles out you hold the syringe in your hand like a pencil, pull back on the plunger then with the needle pointed up tap on the syringe and the bubbles will float to the top then gently you push them out without losing the meds.

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Hi. I had cetrotide and was completely fine with it. For the other one. Add the sterile water to the powder gently put it upside down and on its bottom don't shake or you will result in a foamy mess (I made this mistake). Draw into your syringe ��. Slowly. Hold in hand with needle pointing to the ceiling. Flick the syringe body until any air bubbles rise to the top then gently press on the plunger to release them. Air bubbles are a scary thing I get that but when not directly injected into a vein and the tiny bubbles that they are. Do not panic. Good luck with it all hun xxx

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