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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Two friends of mine realized their dreams of having a baby by undergoing ivf de in Gdansk and Zlin in vitro clinics. They said that decision made them most happy.

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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Hey Sophie - I haven't been on here much at all lately but I was pleased to see you might be moving forward using donor eggs but just read your update. I'm so sorry. If you'd like to talk more about it I'm hear to listen.

My husband and I are seriously considering a donor embryo. I think donor eggs are out of our price range. I don't know how I feel about donor embryos vs adoption yet. I'm still trying to process everything. Originally I didn't think carrying a child was important to me but now I'm honestly not sure.

This is no help to you. Just wanted to pop in and say I'm wishing you the best whatever option you end up choosing.

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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Hi Bronte. I've followed your journal but didn't comment much. I've been so overwhelmed with my own grief.
I can relate to so much of what you've been through. We even lost my cat, my fur baby, last year between mc #4 and #5. She had cancer we didn't know she had. It was a sudden loss and I was devastated. I am truly sorry about the loss of your precious dog. Life is cruel and unfair sometimes.
I often wonder if I made a hasty decision regarding donor eggs. But even exploring that option felt like ripping a scab off an old wound. The depression once the decision was made to forego using donor eggs after so many losses was overwhelming. And now I feel that I've wasted precious time. Plus I'm functional again if not happy, so to revisit that option at this point seems like a bad idea. DH has struggled more with all our losses than I realized. I'm not sure he could handle much more.
The cost is a deterrent too. We were quoted approximately 25k plus the cost of drugs to use donor eggs. I did not price donor embryos because my RE encouraged us to know where half of the child's genetics came from by using DH's sperm. RE also said the waiting time for an embryo was longer. Although it seems every aspect of this varies from clinic to clinic and state to state so you might have different information.
I'm anxious to see what the coming months bring you. I'm truly hopeful you will find a way to build your family.

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