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Anyone doing IVF and breastfeeding?

Hi all,

Bit about me.
I was on here during my 3 yr ttc #1 which ended in a successful egg sharing ICSI IVF attempt in Aug '12 that gave me my son in May'13 (recipient successful too). I have since attempted egg sharing ICSI IVF again Feb '16 and it was succesful again giving me my daughter in Oct '16 (and recipient was successful too doing FET after first embryo ended in MC).

I am now back to research breastfeeding through IVF.

I visited my clinic to introduce them to our daughter and told them we wanted to do IVF again when my periods returned. This triggered them to ask was I breastfeeding and I said yes. They told me I couldn't do IVF until I stopped breastfeeding as my prostoglandin levels would be too high. I didn't question it any further at the time as I was stunned and disappointed at the idea of having to wait until my daughter gives up boob (I fed my son until he decided to give it up at 32 months and I plan to do the same again just letting my daughter drop feeds as she relies on solid food). My periods returned 6 mths post partum last time and I'm still waiting this time. My daughter is now 4 1/2 months old and is still EBF and I am starting to introduce baby led weaning. I am trying a little Google research about IVF during breastfeeding and I'm not finding much so I'm wondering if there are people out there who have done it? Wondering if there are clinics out there that will do IVF whilst breastfeeding continues and what are your experiences?

Thanks for reading my story

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Here's a page that I found helpful when deciding whether or not to breastfeed during fertility treatments:

She has lots of info on meds etc. there!

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My specialist told me id have to stop breastfeeding if i were to take any meds for my FET so my thought would be that IVF would be the same. Not sure tho. Frustrating when you want another baby but dont want to force your current one off the boob 😕

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