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Fertility consult help

Hi ladies. So I just got my referral sent to see the fertility clinic. It is April 4th!
We are very excited but nervous.

I was wondering what normally happens at your first constult and if there is anything specific we should be asking.
Our plan is for ivf as I had my tubes tied after my youngest in 2014(my only regret in life). I have since been diagnosed with pcos

Thanks in advance ladies

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Hi, hun! It is a bit late, but for those who are still interested I'll drop a couple of lines. Actually we had 2 first consultations in defferent clinics. I'll talk about the last in Ukraine. When we arrived at the clinic we met with a GP. He started taking a complete medical history and arranging the necessary tests to determine the cause of infertility. Then we received all of our referrals for tests and scans. They included blood and semen samples and an ultrasound. At the 2nd visit our GP discussed the diagnosis and referred us to ivf specialist. She outlined a further treatment plan based on our medical history and test results. I think it's almost the same in fertility centers. Wishing you all the best x

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