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Help! Hybrid Femara/Injectibles Cycle?

Next cycle my doctor is having me do what they call a Femara Hybrid cycle, where I take Femara CD 3-7, on day 7 also take Menopur, continue Menopur for 3 days, and then at some point take Ovridrel to trigger. (i dont have my paperwork in front of me, but I think thats right).

I was all excited to try it, but then realized I'm going on vacation over Easter, likely falling in the beginning of my cycle (probably CD 3 thru 9) and am worried I'll mess up their desired monitoring program. I have no idea when they'll need me to come in for ultrasounds etc, which I believe are done at several points during the cycle.

Has anyone done this, with or without success, and can share how it went, what side effects they had, etcetera?

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