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Fever & Food Posioning day of IUI- will it hurt conception?

I ovulated and had an IUI last Friday, April 14th, and after had lunch. Well the next morning with food poisoning and all the fun that comes with it, including a fever of 100.1 and body aches. Talk about bad timing. Luckily it last 24 hours, but now I nervous that the food poisoning and fever may have hurt the chances of conception. Anyone get sick during an IUI or ovulation with a stomach virus or really sick with a fever and still get BFP?

Nervous I missed my shot!

Thanks ladies!

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I had food poisoning last IUI cycle - the day after my IUI to be exact. I was so dehydrated and couldn't eat anything for a couple days - it was really bad. I called the clinic and asked the nurse and she told me it would not effect my chances. I didn't get pregnant that cycle and am trying again this month. Don't know if this helps. I would say to get a lot of rest and drink lots of water and try not to let it worry and stress you. Feel better and good luck!

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