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IVF buddies for winter/spring?

I've known for 15 months now that our only chance of conceiving again is through IVF. I have secondary infertility from losing both of my Fallopian tubes (ovarian cancer/ectopic) and I only have one ovary.

We have to pay the actual IVF part ($8,500ish) out of pocket and the rest is covered. Obviously, this means we have to spend a bit saving. As of right now, we're estimating doing IVF in January - March 2018.

In the meanwhile, I'm choosing between two REs that I've visited and I'm on the IVF diet (cutting out all soda/iced tea, eliminating coffee except half a cup a day for now, cutting out bad sugars, cutting out white bread/rice/etc and replacing with whole grains and beans, taking a load of vitamins and supplements, etc) I'm hoping that starting a year in advance will mean the smaller number of eggs we'll get from only having one ovary will at least be very healthy eggs that will have a high success rate.

Everyone I know is doing IVF now or within the next few months. Is there anyone just saving money, researching, getting on the diet, planning, etc about a year in advance of actually going?

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