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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Ovulation pains and timing insemenation-First Month TTC...EVER

Hi everyone! So I am a newbie, April 2017 is/will be my first month TTC ever. Like in my entire life. And I could REALLY use your help and advice since I'm assuming most all of you have at least some experience with "trying to catch that egg!" Although I have read a ton about everything TTC, I am still scared/worried about timing insemination.

I have been so worried about this that I switched from frozen donor sperm to fresh donor sperm to reduce the need for precision timing (with contract, ID check and STD testing, insemination log, documentation of all contact, etc... Our state has good laws in place and apparently I am feeling good enough about my donor to proceed)

I have been testing with OPK's and still have NOT gotten a positive. I have egg-white CM and as of yesterday (the day my app said I'd ovulate), started having a lot of ovarian pressure (left sided only). Google search says women get this pressure/pain 1-2 days before they ovulate. I have this pain before and just always assumed it was actual ovulation.

I know only 20% of women experience actual ovulation pain, but I'm hoping some of you know what I'm talking about. With all your charting, temping and OPKs, is it possible to ovulate without ever getting a positive OPK? How early have you felt the one sided pain/pressure before ovulating.

The biggest problem is that my donor is unavailable for another 12 hours. And if I ovulated yesterday (with no positive OPK), then I do not want to waste his time, or mine, insemenating for nothing. Could I just be being really sensitive to my growing egg (yeah right) and am just feeling this pressure really early? With positive OPK coming tomorrow or the next day? I have not felt the sharp pop/pain with sudden onset....just a dull ache on and off starting yesterday (Monday).

Basically I would like to know your opinion on whether or not it's still worth insemenating. And what your experiences with ovarian pressure/pain in advance of ovulation were.

Thanks for reading!!!!

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Are your cycles regular and predictable? As in 28 days long, you can about pin point when you'll start menstruating?

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