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NHS wait times??

Referral was sent today by GP for fertility treatment. How long should I expect to wait till I have an appointment at the hospital for treatment.
I know it'll vary from county to county but would like a rough idea on what to expect, GP wasn't sure when I asked him.
Thank you xx

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I think it was about 4 months to our first appointment, a further 2 months of testing and then treatment. Fingers crossed things get sorted for you quickly!

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Mum (Mom)
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It took a matter of weeks for me to get referred to the fertility clinic. I'm in the north west. Good luck x

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Im in the north west UK and it did take a month or so to so the fertility clinic, then i had blood tests, had my tubes checked. My fella had to do a sperm sample, then wait 3 months and do another. I swear it was nearly a year later that we actually started. We was in a 6 month waiting list at one point.

The whole process is a waiting game which no one likes to hear (i know i didnt) but theres nothing you can do about it. Good Luck to you x

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