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Estrofem (Estradiol hemihydrate) Priming Cycle Question


My partner has always been a 28 day cycle, bang on. Well, the Dr had given a script for IVF as they do. Which included taking Estrofem 6mg for 7 days before cycle starts. Then to just stop after day seven. Well, the last day she took it was Sunday April 30th. She was due her normal cycle on May 1st. It is now May 9th and she is well over a week past due. She is completely swollen and uncomfortable as well.

Did this happen to anyone else? She won't call our Dr back because last week when she was about 5 or 6 days late she rang and they said that was normal for some people to be late and to call once the cycle appears. However, I am starting to worry for her as she has been highly irritable, very swollen in the abdomen, and overly fatigued.

I'm just wondering if anyone else has had any problems such as this. Is she going to miss a full cycle? Ugh, sorry, so many questions. I just feel bad for her.

I appreciate any feedback or information! Thanks!!

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