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Yes if you are over 35 or have multiple losses, I would not advise doing IVF without PGS. Good luck.
I completely agree. A friend of my friend had failed IVF-s, and got pregnant only when she combined IVF with PGS NGS

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Yep...definitely going to do PGS as it looks like I'm having another CP right now. #3 in a year.

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I am new to this thread but will be starting IVF #2 in July/August. During my first round I ate pineapple core for 5 days, kept my my feet warm, quit drinking alcohol & caffeine and did acupuncture. I will be doing the same for this cycle. I don't think any of these things can harm you, so why not, right?

To keep my mind busy, I read a lot, put together jigsaw puzzles and crocheted. I sound like an 80 year old woman

I was so nervous for my egg retrieval and to be put under, which I have never done before but it was super easy. One minute I was talking to the nurse and the next we were done and my husband was coming into the room.

Where is everyone at in their cycles? I should be getting AF this weekend and starting my birth control pills next week sometime.


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Old Jul 7th, 2017, 12:01 PM   34
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I have to agree with Bronte - I really don't think most of the stuff does anything at all. It doesn't hurt either, but if it was as easy as just stopping gluten or not eating sugar, we'd all be pregnant without having spent 10s of thousands of $.

I am a big proponent of PGS. But just be aware that it does not solve everything. I had 2 chemicals with PGS normal embryos, no rhyme or reason to it.

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Hi! I believe a healthy lifestyle can improve odds of success. It is imperative for ladies undergoing IVF maintain healthy habits. Recreational drugs, alcohol, medications, a poor diet, herbs and certain supplements can all prevent a successful pregnancy. The male partnerís lifestyle also affects the quality of his sperm. Additional factors that can influence IVF success are extremes of body weight and insufficient sleep. Itís recommended that the potential mother gets between 7-9 hours rest per night. Less stress and more rest. Take care!

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