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KHope2018 - I am sorry. From what I have read acupuncture might improve ovarian reserve. However, in most cases of diminished ovarian reserve IVF DE is recommended

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Originally Posted by KHope2018 View Post
I am 30 years old. We have been TTC for 18 months. HSG normal, husband normal, I ovulate every month, I have pretty normal menstrual cycles (27-30 days). I have never had a positive pregnancy test . We recently got unfortunate news that I have low ovarian reserve. My FSH was 14 and AMH is 0.92. I am heartbroken. Has anyone had a successful healthy pregnancy that had similar situation as I? Is anyone going through this with me?
Hey there, don' get too discouraged. When I was 23 my AMH was 0.95. I always produced a decent amount of eggs. However, if there is any advice I could give you, I would do IVF before all the other treatments (IUIs, PO pills, Injections) I wasted so much time with all that when I could have just done IVF or FET and been good. But your not out of the woods by any means. I have twin boys and pregnant with a girl and one still frozen. Dont hesitate to ask me any questions.

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