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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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I totally understand about having to take a break from the boards. There were a couple of threads that I actively contributed to or lurked and I decided it was best for my mental health to lay low for a little. However, I'm so grateful to these forums for the support and medical experience everyone has!

We have our appointment to discuss next steps tomorrow. I'm waiting for the official word from my RE that she's on board with us and willing to try another round. I also have a second opinion consult in 2 weeks.

I completely agree with the acupuncture. I did about 8 sessions before my second round but they were so spread out and probably not enough. I used up my insurance benefits for that so I need to see if they will work with me on pricing for a package. Do you think 1 session per week before stims would be enough? I've been gluten free for 6 months now but only on week 2 of dairy free (although i do still have butter and Parmesan cheese on occasion). I think cutting dairy will be so much harder than the alcohol, caffeine, sugar, wheat, grains, fruit.

I just finished "It starts with the egg" on Saturday! Read it cover to cover in 2 days...the research is so compelling! I'm definitely a believer now. I figure I tried 2 cycles and 6 months without DHEA - I might as well try a cycle with. I'm kind of irritated that neither my first nor second RE suggested this to me already! Especially when I see a lot of clinics have cocktails they put patients on right when starting.

During any of your research did you find any evidence that certain stims are better or worse for egg quality? Both cycles I was on 150 Menopur and 300 Gonal F and I have read mixed things about which one is better for egg quality, especially for DOR cases. This is one of my questions for Dr. but my gut tells me that the meds might not be as critical as getting my insides healthy first. I think it will make me feel better to at least have a plan and know I'm working towards something even if it's going to be pushed out a couple of months.

Thanks again for your support and listening ear. How are you doing in your journey? Hope you're being kind to yourselves during the grieving process.

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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Acupuncture is definitely supposed to be best around transfer time. So some people only do it the night before or day of transfer and then a few days later. Our clinic had an acupuncturist literally next door. However I went to one to help with egg quality specifically so she recommended 3-6 months of weekly treatments before you see results. Primarily because it takes that long to get down to improving stuff on the cellular level. I went weekly for 6 months. Same thing with supplements/vitamins. It takes a few months. I have crappy insurance so had zero converage for acupuncture or anything related to IVF. We were all self pay which is part of the reason we can't keep doing rounds. We have to pay off the $35,000 debt first too. However I figured we were already paying a ton so I wanted to give myself the best chance. We might have gotten slightly higher quality eggs from round two vs. one, but it wasn't a ton. However at least I can say I tried and that helps a bit emotionally.

And RE's won't bring up supplements. Most don't. Research is still scarce on the subject. After I brought it up all mine did was give me a list and say it might help but it might not. I had to research everything on my own. DHEA is the one I'd really talk to them about though because they can tell you better based on all your hormone levels if it's even worth the risk to try it. All the others aren't really harmful. They just might not be helpful.

And honestly there is not great info out there about egg quality. Some people think stimming for briefer period of time yields better results while others recommend a long slow stim cycle over almost a month. REs opinions vary a ton in regards to egg quality. My RE said there's lots of things they are working on now in lab settings to bypass poor quality eggs like switching out the nucleus of one egg with a donor egg (or something like that) so it retains all your DNA but has the necessary mitochondria to assist in the important growing and division stages where most embryos don't make it when there are poor eggs.

But none of that is here yet. So it's a bummer. Unfortunately with poor quality eggs one of the only things that seems to help are doing multiple cycles in the hopes of finding the better eggs and switching up protocols to see what helps you specifically. But anything you can do to help those eggs you do have stay healthy and be able to have energy to divide in the first few days is a bonus.

I'd definitely talk to them about switching protocols too. I switched to a Lupron cycle for my second one to try to help. They will have much better info based on how you responded to make protocol suggestions though.

Anyway, not sure if you have had your appointment yet. But hope you get some more info.

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