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Embryo Donation??


I was curious if any of you have tried embryo donation? We are thinking about going to Spain for this, as IVF just doesn't seem to be working. Since I cannot carry (PCOS, ENDO, Double Uterus/Cervix (Didelphys)), and my partner is 42 we know we know time is not on our side.

We are 12dp5dt and only had 1 embryo, and it is a BFN. My partner doesn't respond well to the STIMS, first time was an IUI conversion due to not enough follies. Then this time there were follies, but only one embryo.

What are some of your stories regarding embryo donation? I would love to hear them. Also, have any of you traveled to other countries for fertility treatments? How is it to fly after a transfer? Sorry for being so quizzical.

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I haven't tried embryo donation yet but I want to follow your post because we are considering it ourselves

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Hey, my husband and I have been through x3 ICSI, and x3 FET and going to move onto donor embryo next year - probably at the Institute Marques in Spain.

I guess the process is similar to going through a FET as the embryos are already frozen. I don't think the flight would affect anything - especially if it is a short time, and i know people who have been to Spain and Greece for IVF/Donor and it has been successful.

Good luck x

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No dir experiences, but I come across a few posts. You might also look at fertilityfriends co uk, the biggest infertility and fertility support community in Europe/the UK. All the best

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If we have extra normal PGS embryos after our family is complete we will donate them for embryo adoption...following this thread as I am curious how it works. I’m waiting for my day 6 update tomorrow...we had 22 embryos growing nicely on day 3. Hoping I can help other couples someday. I know the pain of going through all this! Good luck!

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