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Feeling hopeless ttc

Been trying for a year. My fiance barely ejaculates (when he does it usually goes to his bladder, called retrograde ejaculation). He refuses to so a doctor or try other means. He says if he can't have children the natural way the he won't have children at all. I feel pregnancy is becoming just a dream that will never happen. It's breaking my heart. Any positive stories with this type of challenge?

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Hi J_and_D... I'm so sorry your feeling this way huni that is so so sad. I am on the ivf bus also at the moment. My husband is very similar if he can't have kids via the ivf path he doesn't want any at all I. E adoption etc. Where as I am pretty open to adoption. Just you stay positive and hope it all works out for you huni. Always here if u need a wee chat x x x

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How annoying that men are stubborn and embarrassed!!

There is a way to do ivf were they extract the sperm via the ball sack. Sorry that's very blunt but didn't know how else to say/explain that. It's an option to have your own.

I'd have to have the 'chat' and think seriously what I wanted and what you want as a couple. I'm grateful my fella was open to ivf. Otherwise I don't know if I would have stayed. Sound harsh but all I've ever wanted in life was a baby, I'm not particularly career focused I just wanted to make a family.

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Hun, I even don't know what to say. He doesn't want... sounds very egoistic It would be the best thing now to get support from your husband first, not ladies here though it happens. For me a family is incomplete without a LO. And I'm sure for you and the majority of women. There are variants of ivf treatments for your particular case. And you have to convince your second half somehow, otherwise you're wasting precious time. My dear, I don't want to upset you, but it seems to me that your half doesn't understand the seriousness of the question to the full. I would love to hear some good news from you soon. Having fingers crossed for wise thought x

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