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Uterine factor infertility/FET canceled for thin lining?

Hi everyone,

My first FET this month was canceled because my lining was unable to get past 7. Needless to say, it's been hard knowing that my body didn't respond the way I hoped to the two different medications we tried (estradiol first, letrozole second - although I seemed to do better on letrozole). To make matters worse, in the middle of the cycle they found a pocket of fluid in my uterus and decided to do a hysteroscopy to remove it. Then a week later I went in for an u/s and there was STILL fluid there! UGHHHHHHH. When I went back to have it aspirated, it had vanished but because my lining still wasn't even to 7, the doctor recommended canceling after nearly one month of estrogen priming.

I had a robotic laparoscopy for fibroids in 2013 and another one this April after we did an egg retrieval. The one in April found a couple of fibroids but also a lot of scar tissue and some adenomyosis, which was a huge shock. I spent 3 months of waiting to heal before we began the FET process, and I couldn't even get a lining! Beyond frustrating, considering how much I had to do just to get to this point, and how well I responded to the egg stimming process at my age (37). I understand that uterine factor infertility accounts for only like 5% of all infertility, but I'm hoping there may be some ladies in the same boat, frustrated to no end by their uteri.

I'd love to compare notes about meds you've tried, procedures you've had done... if you've had trouble getting a thick enough lining for a transfer, did you take any supplements like vitamin E or L-arginine, drink raspberry leaf tea, do yoga or have Maya abdominal massage? All tips welcome!

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Although I didn't have a lining issue, I tried lots of things for my transfers to just make the most impact.
Drank loads of pomegranate juice, did a heat pack for 20 minutes a day as well as a mild massage with my feet up (suppose to help blood flow), drank a fertility tea everyday - the daily max, did prenatal yoga that also suppose to help with blood flow... not sure if any of it did anything but my lining was always between 10-14.
I was in estrace and five days before transfer prometrium, if that helps. Didn't start the prometrium until lining reached 10mm

Sorry this is happening there is nothing more frustrating than getting this far and having is pushed even further. Good luck Hun.

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