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I also feel that if you are comfortable with having twins than I would personally insist on having 2 implanted. You are paying a lot of money for the process in the first place. If you get twins or a single, you will be happy. If you don't get anything then I am sure it will hurt a lot more.

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Hi! We passed ivf with de last year. And that was one of the crusial moments to decide how many to put back. Finally we transferred 2. You'll probably get lots of different responses. If you're healthy and are okay with twins. I personally believe it's your decision. Obviously, there are risks but many go on to have twins with no issues. For us it was sth like boosting chances. We transferred 2 but only got pregnant with 1. Unfortunately, I lost him very early. Though both they were excellent 5 day blasts. I think for some its a financial decision also. Can you afford more than one transfer, etc. For us, it was just the way it was. Best of luck!

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