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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Number of embryo implanted ??

Did anyone here only have 1 embryo implanted ? My dr says that because of my age they only put 1 in, but I think I would personally feel more comfortable with 2 being put back in, I understand there are more likely to be complications with multiple pregnancies and this is the reasons, but I would feel more comfortable with twins than I would be with a failed cycle

Anyone else felt a similar way ?

How many embryos did you have and did you because pregnant?

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We insisted on a single embryo transfer last year, even though the dr wanted us to do two. Grading 4bc. I had a beautiful son. Fast forward to today- we had 2 frosties but again insisted on a single transfer. The embie that they transferred is the same grade as my son was. The other embie was a 12 cell morula which we could have transferred but didn't want the chance of twins, so since the quality was not good enough to refreeze we donated that one to scientific research. We'll know in a week if I'm pregnant again.

Will your dr allow you to transfer 2? I hope you get to make the choice you're comfortable with, as I was! I just put my foot down and got what I wanted, our drs are quite accommodating.

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We transferred one in 2013, and it worked.

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We transferred anywhere from 1-3. We had one son from 2 out back in 2013. We had 1 sonfrom 3 pit back in 12/2015. But my history sucks with multiple miscarriages and chemicals.
The risk of twins is a real risk. You should start with 1 and if it fails then go to 2: u less thisnis your only shot then do 2.
Also consider what factors for infertility are at play.

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If you're more comfortable with twins (and possible complications in a twin pregnancy) than a possible failed cycle, then I think that's the voice you should listen to. That's how I felt for my first cycle and we transferred two. In my case, both implanted, but one stopped growing early on and I just had one baby.

We're trying again now with just one embryo at a time, mostly because I'm afraid of complications. But I was in your boat the first time around, and I think that was the right decision at that time. If you feel strongly about it, then I hope your doctor will honor that.

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