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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Hi ladies I need some help here. I have 2 babies a 4 yr old and 3 yr old. Took me 7 cycles to conceive my daughter and one sex to have my son (totally not planned). For 17 months we have been work on baby 3. Went on Clovis and famara for 6 months and had a miscarriage after 7 months of trying and here I am still at it. I'll be 37 in dec and super depressed cuz I have been at this since 35 when I was still "younge". Do I try IUI or keep trying? I had myself all checked out and my system is great. Ovulate same day each cycle and 28 days cycles. No clue what the deal is. With all your experience what do u all think. I really appreciate any advice or feedback at this point.

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If you have the financial means to explore the path of IUI and beyond, I say do it. It's so stressful just waiting and trying and not knowing if and when you'll make any progress. I know I felt a lot less stressed when I started down the treatment path. Especially with age becoming an increasing factor.

Things to consider: IUI's have a pretty high chance of multiples, assuming you'll be using medication to stimulate some extra eggs. Also, if you try a few IUI's and they don't work, the next step will most likely be IVF. I know that for me, I was initially really hesitant about making the leap to IVF, so I needed to do some mental preparation before we started the IUI's. Of course I'd do it all over again, but IVF is definitely a hard process to go through when you already have other kids to take care of.

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I really don't think anyone can give you an answer on this one. It took several years of IUIs for us to get DD. We started IUIs to get #2 and I couldn't continue after about 2 of them. Personally I was happier just having one DD and not having to go through the ups and downs of fertility. HD supported me deciding to stop trying. A couple months later I decided I wanted to try again so we have started up again.

You just have to look at what's going to make you happy. Are you going to be happy with just having 2 little ones? Do you think it's worth the money and craziness of fertility to continue for #3?

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