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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Transferring 2

Hey all!
My husband and I are scheduled for our 2nd FET Oct 4! It seems forever since we found out our first one was ectopic back in August (not really that long ago I know). We are contemplating putting in 2 this time and I am looking for advice...

Here's a little about me: 26, 5'9", 180 lbs, TTC since December 2015, PCOS and male factor.

Currently we have 2 excellent grade embabies and 6 good grade ones. We are open to twins and the risks associated. I feel with my build, I could do okay carrying twins as well (i mean my ovaries were each 9 cm each after ER anyways ) and I feel you can have problems with a singleton pregnancy too it's kinda just luck of the draw. Now-my question-would you transfer an excellent and a good, 2 excellent, or 2 good embryos?

Also, any tell-tale signs that you've heard that makes carrying twins even more risky?


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Our cycle was fresh and we transferred two. My pregnancy was rough, but we made it lol

Keep in mind that thawing can take it's toll. Be optimistic, but also realistic that neither, one or both will handle it well. If I was looking at two and FET, and was able to accommodate a twin pregnancy (the potential financial ramifications of extended bed rest, a lot of extra appointments and monitoring, possible premature delivery and all that comes along with raising two the same age at a time and the toll it will take on your marriage), then I'd say go for it. I wouldn't change a thing

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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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I had a fresh IVF cycle with the best two of several retrieved eggs. Both took and I have super healthy twins. But the pregnancy was hard a few times. A couple times I had a massive bleed that soaked my underwear and pants and landed me in the ER when I was in my second trimester. I think they decided it was a subchronic hematoma. Then at the end I had severely started to swell and went to hospital and had did a c-section right away at 36 weeks.
I was 5 years older then you and had same height but probably 20 more lbs. I got massive towards the end with babies being 5&1/2 lbs each at birth. Good for twins and no NICU.
I think if you're set on putting two in then do the best two.

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Id do the best 2! We transferred 2 great embryos both timesand only 1 took each time.

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