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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Ovarian Drilling

Hi ladies,

Not sure if I'm posting in the correct area so please forgive me if not.

I have PCOS and had 5 (was meant to be 6 cycles of Clomid but the side effects were horrendous so i stopped) and i didn't respond well so then went onto IVF.
I had my first cycle of IVF in July but was at hight risk of OHSS so they decided to let me have a break after EC and do a freeze all, which i was fine with.
I had lots and lots of follies but only got 5 eggs, of which 4 fertilised and now my little frosties.

I then had the call from our specialist who said he thinks I'd be a good candidate for Ovarian Drilling

On Friday (20/10) I had laparoscopic surgery to drill my ovaries, the surgeon found some endometriosis which he removed, he said it was only minor, also checked my tubes and eveything was fine.
I feel i've recovered very well so far, even managed to :bd: last night, was very careful and wasn't great as I was worrying the whole time.

Does anyone know when should I expect my period?

I am on CD15 today but not sure if that gets reset after the drilling?

Thank you in advance

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