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3 Follicles HELP

Hi girls, I need some advice

I am on my 3rd Femara cycle. First cycle I did 2.5 and had once follicle, second cycle I did 5 and had 4 follicles (we decided to skip trying this month), and this cycle I did 1 and a half pills.

Yesterday, CD10 they found that I have one 15mm follicle and 2 12.5's
I went back today and they are one 17.5mm and 2 13's

I am scared. If I ovulate in a few days that means all 3 will be mature right? What are my odds for twins or triplets? Has anyone tried with this many before??

I am sad to have to miss the month and think 3 would give me a good shot for 1 but I'm scared of the thought of all 3 fertilizing! HELP PLEASE

Forgot to say this is a timed intercourse cycle with no trigger shot

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I had six IUIs with all multiple follicles and never got a positive.
Obviously that doesn't always happen with everyone and we moved onto ivf eventually, but know that three follicles does not always equal three embryos will fertilize. Depending on age they also advise not all follicles will produce a healthy egg.

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Not to worry....

I dunno alot about your situation, but I have had 3 good follicles, & this month it was 5 good follicles plus I was using the trigger. Since you are not using the trigger, your body may ovulate just the most mature on. Usually, if the RE is really concerned about high order multiples (HOM) they will pull you out of the cycle. I think you'll be fine. Let's hope for one (for you & me both, cuz 5 kinda freaked me out)

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