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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Anyone quit there’s job while going through fertility issues ?

I have a daughter, I work 3-4 days a week and I feel it was all a little too much during my ivf cycle, maybe it because where I live, appointments are either a whole day away or possibly an over nighter away the night before to get to appointments. I felt like I hardly spent any time with my daughter during the whole process and I feel so guilty for it!
Anyone here quit? Considered it? Glad they did or regret it ?

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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Hi! I doubt you're alone with those thoughts! I definitely dream about doing it! If only I didn't have a new mortgage to pay off 😣

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Hey Lucy. I did my fresh cycle over the summer because I'm a teacher, and I definitely felt like I couldn't have handled it during the school year. And that was before I had a child to also take care of at the same time.

Is there any possibility of taking time off from work? Like, a medical leave?

I personally wouldn't want to be unemployed once it was over... either pregnant with no health care benefits or not pregnant and feeling like I lost the job for nothing. But if your financial situation makes it possible, and you're not emotionally attached to this job (it sounds like you're not), then it would certainly make life easier!

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We moved to a new city right before we started ivf and made a choice that I would stay home because finding a job and then taking off half days and whole days to cycle would be pointless. We also knew that had I become pregnant I would be a sahm, so it just made sense. We definately would benefit from a second income, but we make it work and live within our means. It was a shift going down to one income but we are so used to it now that it doesn’t matter. I do a lot of bargain hunting and look for specials at the grocery stores, and we still get to go out to eat every now and then or splurge on something fun! Also not sure where you’re located but i just recently found a moms group with a lot on insite on free activities to do with my baby!! Good luck with your cycle!!

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