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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Anyone TTC#2+ with clomid? Join me here!

I'm looking for other ladies like me! I'm TTC #3, on my first month clomid - 2 lovely large follicles - 12dpo today.

First was a natural surprise during a break after 4 months clomid and a twin m/c, second was after 2 months clomid.

I'm a compulsive early tester and this is the FIRST time I haven't tested by 12dpo. I'm so scared of disappointment if I'm not pregnant though! I'll test Sunday if AF hasn't arrived by then.

I have been symptom spotting though - I'm super bloated and have been peeing a lot... which happened with my other two... eek... but then again I have tailbone pain and some cramps which means AF usually...

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