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Early ovulation with injectables for IUI

Has anyone ovulated early while on injectables for an IUI?

I had an US on Wednesday that showed 5 follies between 15mm and 18mm all on my left with another 6 or so between 12mm and 15mm on my right. My RE had me do another high dose (4 vials) of Menopur that night, trigger the following night, and schedule IUI for Saturday. Last time I triggered I had at least one follow at 15mm and one at 18mm and it was successful but ended in a CP because I was not responding at first so it took to long. I didn't think about this until later in the day and the office was closed so I couldn't clarify. I was super crampy, bloaty, and felt very full on both sides all day Thursday until I felt a weird twinge and it all stopped. Both sides, no more bloaty, no cramping, and I felt lighter. I triggered anyway that night since the office was closed and I didn't want to screw up the IUI if there was a tiny chance I was crazy. I am so upset that I went against my gut, and I'm upset my RE would have me do another day especially at a high dose. I have called the office and left a message as soon as they opened, but they haven't called back yet.

UPDATE: I had my progesterone drawn and it was 7.6 less than 24 hours after this happened, so I did O. The nurse was in complete shock because it's apparently extremely rare when stimming.

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